12+ Pics That Show Basset Hounds Are The Best Dogs

The Basset Hound is believed to have its origins in the seventh century at the Monastery of St. Hubert, located in the Ardennes forest. According to legend, the monk Hubert, who is now considered the patron saint of hunters, spent a lot of time breeding a new breed of dogs. Later it became known as a Bloodhound and was especially appreciated in France and England. One of the varieties of the Bloodhound was a short-legged, slow-moving dog that hunters preferred. These dogs did an excellent job of hunting small game, rabbits and hares. It is from these dogs that the Basset Hound most likely originated.

#1 Representatives of this breed have their own views on life, which does not prevent them from being on good terms with the owners.

#2 Don’t look at the sad face forever glued to the dog’s face. Inside the Basset Hound, the creatures are sociable and very cheerful.

#3 At home, the dog behaves like a typical sybarite: it stuffs its stomach with sweets until it swells like a bubble, rolls around on sofas, wrapped in its ears, and hangs around its master’s legs in anticipation of affection.

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