The 12+ Cutest Basset Hounds Currently Online

Basset Hounds are friendly and carefree dogs. Since they hunted, they tend to get along with other dogs and pets. Bassetts are people-oriented and get along well with children. They are quite intelligent dogs that are not easy to train. Unleashing the best qualities of these dogs requires a strong character, patience, and creativity. Bassetts can bark frequently, and they also have strong feet and claws and love to dig. They can walk away in confined spaces on their own.

#1 For their love of comfort and soft couches in England, Basset Hounds were dubbed “couch athletes.”

#2 Basset hounds have a sonorous, deep voice, which they willingly use in the absence of the owner.

#3 If you live in an apartment and often leave your dog alone with his own thoughts, his howls can seriously damage your reputation in the eyes of your neighbors.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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