14+ Cute Golden Retrievers That Will Make You Giggle!

The pet’s friendliness and poise make it a great friend and companion. These dogs are easy to train, obedient in the classroom, which allows even owners with little experience to cope with them. In addition, the representatives of the breed are very fond of children and outdoor games with them.

Golden Retrievers have an amazing personality. They are ready to prove their sincere affection, loyalty, and love every minute to their owner. The calm nature of the dog is its resistance to stress, the absence of manifestations of aggression towards the owner, his guests. Golden Retrievers are actively used in the quality of pores and in zoo therapy.

But the guardian and the breeder from the dog of this breed will not come, because they never show aggression and do not grumble at a mischievous person. For ordinary people, golden peppers do not experience even sensitivity and relate to them very amicably. The same as for other pets.

#1 Kindness, intelligence, dedication!

Activity, sociability, love for the whole world, very fond of small children and other animals living with him, endless devotion to the owner.

#2 Active, playful, agile, smart, big

The Golden Retriever is the ideal dog for families and children. Goldens are unrealistically beautiful. All my life I dreamed of a dog and when the opportunity arose, I began to choose a breed. I definitely didn't want a fighting dog and a small dog. In my opinion, a dog should be a dog, not a hamster. I apologize very much if my words offended anyone. A friend advised me to take a closer look at the Golden Retriever. What kind of breed it was, at that time I did not know. But when I opened the photo, I was amazed. Goldens are beautiful. They have perfect characters. I decided that I wanted just such a dog. From that day on, my heart belonged to the Goldens. The question arose about where exactly to buy a dog. After a while, the nursery was chosen, and my little golden miracle came home.

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