14+ Historical Facts About Golden Retrievers You Might Not Know

For centuries, hunting has been the favorite pastime of the English aristocracy. And invariably all this time the hunters were accompanied by dogs. In the 19th century, the most popular “bird” dogs were considered setters, pointers, and spaniels, looking for and raising game on the wing. But with the advent of hunting weapons, the need arose for dogs looking for and sporting a padded bird (cops were not suitable for these purposes, because they stopped making a stand). Retrievers became such dogs, which got their name from the verb to retrieve – to find, serve, restore.

#1 The history of the origin of the golden retriever is connected with the name of Sir Dudley Marjoribanks Tweedmouth I, an avid sportsman, hunter and avid dog lover.

#2 For a long time it was believed that at the end of the 19th century, Lord Tweedmouth I attended the performances of the Russian circus on tour and was so fascinated by the Russian shepherd-actors that he bought these dogs, which later became the progenitors of a n

#3 In 1913, 1914, and 1915 “Russian yellow retrievers” from the St. Huberts were even featured at Crufts.

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