The 16+ Cutest Golden Retrievers Currently Online

#13 Kindness, affection, ability to get along with children, learnability

The Golden Retriever is a true friend of man! A lot has been written about this breed. And everything is only good, no anger, no aggression in them.

And what kind of nannies they are. They are very fond of children, they are allowed to sit, lie on them, look at their teeth and raise their paws.

#14 Clever, kind, affectionate, funny, soulful

Very smart, humanized, like a child in a family. She perfectly perceives speech, understands your condition and mood. Loves goodies and swimming. Plays great with toys. He sleeps a lot and walks a lot. There are habits, there is something that he likes and something that is clearly not pleased. He walks on the street exactly where he wants to. Not noisy. Practically does not bark. If during a walk someone starts barking at him, he will not answer but look like an idiot. Children adore him. He will never offend them. It is impossible not to love this dog. I have never met such a kind and affectionate breed before. A dog with golden hair and a heart. Really a dream dog. I recommend it to everyone!

#15 Kind, playful, attentive in relation to children, very easily finds contact with other animals

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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