Pekingese: Temperament, Size, Life Expectancy

Pekingese: Small But Alert Four-Paws Friend

Pekingese are people-oriented and loveable dogs.

What Does It Look Like

The head of the Pekingese (Pekingese) is extremely short. Its back tapers backward and its limbs are short. They end in flat paws.

How Big & How Heavy Will It Be?

The Pekingese reaches a size between 15 and 25 cm and a weight of up to 5 kg.

Coat, Colors & Care

The coat of the Pekingese is very lush and quite long. The hair on the neck and also on the tail grows particularly luxuriantly. The lush coat needs to be combed and brushed regularly. Pekingese really enjoy grooming if you always brush against the grain.

All coat colors are represented in this breed. However, a mask is desirable for monochrome animals. Tricolor dogs are typical of this breed.

Nature, Temperament

The little dog is very loyal, affectionate, in need of love, sensitive, and, despite its size, extremely alert. He needs a lot of attention and is prone to jealousy. The Pekingese get along well with children but don’t really like playing with them.

Most of the time he gets along well with other dogs, but he doesn’t like to give in.

However, he is reserved towards strangers. Despite the qualities mentioned, he is a passable family dog.


A Pekingese should be socialized as early as possible from a puppy. The more situations, people, and animals he gets to know, the more agreeable he will be when he is fully grown.

Consistent training from the start is important. Be gentle but firm with your dog. Once he has accepted someone, he is a loyal and devoted companion.

Posture & Outlet

Dogs of this breed can be kept well in the apartment because of their size. But they also need regular exercise.

Typical Diseases

Due to their physique, these dogs are very susceptible to some diseases. This applies to diseases of the intervertebral discs (e.g. Dachshund paralysis), eye diseases, colds, and shortness of breath.

Life Expectancy

How old will it be? Pekingese reach an average age of 12 to 15 years.

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