Yorkshire Terrier: Temperament, Size, Life Expectancy

Yorkshire Terrier: Playful Yet Alert Breed of Dog

The Yorkshire Terrier originated in Great Britain, more precisely in the county of Yorkshire. The small terrier was first bred in County York (Great Britain) at the end of the 19th century. Since it was a dog from one of the poorest classes, it was supposed to drive away from the mice and rats from these areas. It was also used to illegally hunt rabbits.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a mix of different breeds including the Maltese and Skye Terrier. At that time, these dogs reached a height of 40 – 45 cm and were only bred to today’s size, around 25 cm at the shoulder, in the 20th century.

How Big & How Heavy Will It Be?

With an average body weight of up to 3 kg, it grows to a height of 25 cm.

What Does the Yorkshire Terrier Look Like?

Its head is delicately shaped with a broad muzzle. The body appears in a compact rectangular format. The limbs are quite short. They end in rounded paws.

Coat, Colors & Care

The coat is silky, fine, long, and straight to wavy, but not curly. There is usually a parting in the middle of the terrier’s back.

The typical coat color of the Yorkshire Terrier is a steel blue with tan colors. The tan hair then becomes a little lighter at the tips.

With this breed of dog, there is no annoying change of fur. He has hair like a human instead of fur with an undercoat. With this advantage, he is now an absolutely compact companion dog.

Nevertheless, it needs a good deal of grooming, otherwise, its fur will become sticky or brittle and lose its shine. You should invest a few minutes in combing and brushing every day so that the hair is always well-groomed and does not become brittle or form knots. You can of course avoid the time-consuming care of the fur by trimming or shearing, which of course no longer corresponds to the traditional attitude of this dog breed.

Nature, Temperament

The Yorkshire Terrier is extremely playful, friendly,  lively, sociable, and very affectionate.

Despite his size, he is also notable for his alertness and courage. This little dog is a compact fighter heart!

Although this dog is very small, due to its breed and purpose at the time, it is intelligent and confident. He needs a strong, guiding hand, but can also be used as a guard dog, as he doesn’t shy away from any danger.

The little one gets along well with children and other dogs.

Posture & Outlet

A Yorkshire Terrier can easily be kept in a small apartment. For a species-appropriate attitude, he must be able to let off steam every day.


It requires a consistent, mixed diet as his stomach can react nervously to any change.


You may want to get this dog as a puppy, as it needs good, strict, and consistent training from the start.

If he is to be used as a guard dog, this must also be trained from the start, since later training for this would hardly be possible.

Is a Yorkshire Terrier the Right Pet for Me?

The decision to get a Yorkshire Terrier shouldn’t just be made based on gut feeling, you should also think carefully about whether it’s the right choice. He’s cute, yes, but needs the right leadership and care to be a pleasant family pet.

Typical Diseases

These Terriers often suffer from hereditary bronchitis. Another typical, possible disease is an expansion of the lymphatic vessels.

Life Expectancy

How old will he be? The life expectancy of this small, lively dog ​​breed is between 10 and 15 years.

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