Nature and Temperament of the Dogo Canario

The Dogo Canario is a friendly, calm, and confident dog. He bonds strongly to his owner and is an absolutely loyal companion. The breed is docile and docile if given the appropriate consistent training.

It is not a bright power dog, but you should challenge its intelligence in training and take it for a lot of walks to satisfy its great urge to move.

Integrated into the family, he proves to be a good-natured and lovable protector and becomes very affectionate. With his watchful gaze, he watches over his family and is both courageous and fearless.

Important: Due to its past as a hunting and fighting dog, the Dogo Canario is considered a list dog. This means that colloquially it is classified as a fighting dog, even though the breed is not aggressive at all. This means that owners in federal states such as Bavaria must meet certain requirements. These include a character test and a dog license.

If he is suspicious, his protective instinct is activated immediately and shows rather shy behavior. If something doesn’t suit the Dogo Canario, he expresses his temperament with his deep and loud voice. The breed is not aggressive and there is no hunting instinct.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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