Training and Husbandry of the Dogo Canario

With consistent training, the Dogo Canario enjoys great obedience. The breed is very attentive, so it learns quickly. He should also be socialized relatively early so that later when the Great Dane weighs around 60 kg, there are no problems if he meets other dogs.

If you gradually get used to being able to stay alone with the Dogo Canario as a puppy, you can leave it alone for a few hours. However, he should have a job during this time.

His loud and deep voice, with which he likes to express his lively temperament, is typical of the breed. His guard instinct brings out his barking as soon as strangers approach his territory. Since the Great Dane guards their family and familiar surroundings, it would be unusual for him to run off and run away.

The calm and relaxed dog does not tend to destroy furniture or other inventory. In his upbringing, he should be taught from an early age that he should use his toys to play.

The breed is not gluttonous, but like most dog breeds, he would never resist a treat.

With its trained guard and protective instinct, the Dogo Canario is definitely suited as a guard dog. An unfamiliar person or a strange car near his home immediately puts him on alert. He is very alert and will scare off unwanted intruders with his deep and loud bark.

Since it is very important, especially in training, to show the Dogo Canario its limits and you always have to be consistent, it is not recommended as a first dog. A certain amount of experience in education and a self-confident, self-assured, and patient demeanor of the owner should definitely be given.

Summary: A consistent and constant education is necessary so that living together with the Dogo Canario is as harmonious as possible.

If you need help with training, you can visit a dog school or consult a dog trainer. Once he has learned the basic rules, he is a loyal and extremely loving companion.

Mary Allen

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