Nature and Temperament of the Sloughi

The Sloughi is an extremely delicate dog with an elegant build and a sensitive character. Such a sighthound requires a close relationship with its owner. The posture requires a great sense of responsibility and takes a lot of time.

Sloughis also show their emotions through facial expressions, which can be read and understood by an experienced dog owner. A Sloughi is very friendly and cuddly towards his beloved pack members. It is therefore suitable as a family dog, as it is very easy to care for in addition to its gentle nature.

However, you should not forget that such a sighthound requires an enormous amount of exercise. A Sloughi has a physique designed for fast sprinting. This makes him move quickly and smoothly.

A Sloughi behaves reserved and distant towards strangers or other dogs. After a while, however, he should thaw out and be noticeably more relaxed.

In general, Sloughis are quiet dogs, yet they display a very active demeanor. Because the breed was originally bred for hunting, the dog is characterized by qualities such as speed, strength, and endurance. You should not ignore this hunting instinct when going for walks.

Tip: If you have one, you should make sure to keep an open eye on your other pets, since with such a breed, even with the very best upbringing, there is always the danger that the hunting instinct will take over from the said dog in a playful mood.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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