Great Dane: Temperament, Size, Life Expectancy

Great Dane: Reliable Guard & Protection Dog

The sensitive giants are known as the “Great Dane” were first described by the Assyrians more than 4,000 years ago. The Great Dane’s ancestors include the Mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds.

Majestic Mastiffs are famous for their imposing appearance.

Appearance, Size & Weight

The back is strong and the legs strong. The head of this dog breed is rather long.

The Great Dane can easily be over 80 cm tall and can weigh between 50 and 85 kg.

Coat & Color

The coat of the dogs is dense, shiny, and short. It fits snugly into the body. The color of the fur can be very different.

Nature, Temperament

The Great Dane is sensitive, loyal, patient, alert, confident, and calm. It is affectionate towards her people and likes to be cuddled from time to time.

If you keep an eye on them as an adult, the dogs develop a good and loving relationship with children. As with any other breed, children and dogs should never be left unattended.

It is reserved or even suspicious of strangers.


With a loving and consistent upbringing with clear rules, Great Danes develop into calm and reliable dogs. This has to start with puppies because these animals get so big and heavy that they have to hear perfectly in order to integrate well into their environment.

Make sure that the puppy gets to know as many situations, animals, and people as possible, in a calm and stress-free manner. This is not always easy with this bundle of energy, but it is very important if you later want to take the dog everywhere with you.

Too much strictness is not the order of the day when training a Great Dane. You have to be sensitive to the sensitive animals so that they don’t get stubborn.

Posture & Outlet

Due to its size alone, the Great Dane is not a beginner’s dog. Your owner should already have dog experience.

A house with a garden is ideal for keeping these giant dogs. Great Danes require a lot of exercises.

Great Danes are also very popular as guard and protection dogs. Although the dogs are very affectionate, they impress with their imposing size alone and are also ready to defend their family in case of danger.

Another note: Great Danes drool a lot. You should therefore consider before purchasing whether you want to feed the dog at the table. In any case, a towel should be ready to dry the dog and the surrounding area.

Life Expectancy

On average, these dogs reach an age of 7-8 years.

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