Essence and Temperament of Slovenský Cuvac

The Slovenský Cuvac is a very loyal and at the same time affectionate dog. He feels safe and comfortable as soon as he is near his loved ones. Accordingly, you should be careful not to leave him isolated in the home for hours. Your four-legged friend wants to feel the affection and love of his fellow human beings and preferably as often as possible.

Other than that, he doesn’t mind being left alone for periods of time, which in turn could serve as good exercise for the watchdog.

In addition, he is a balanced dog who does not have to run a marathon every day to maintain this condition. On the contrary: He is not very enthusiastic about great dog sports.

The Slovenský Cuvac belongs to the shepherd dogs and is therefore ideally suited to protect your yard or your home, for example. He is a very territorial dog that has a great protective instinct. The four-legged friend always needs new tasks in order to feel useful.

Worth knowing: The protective instinct does not come from anywhere. In the past, the Slovenský Cuvac primarily acted as a herding dog to protect its fellow human beings from robbers and bears. Thanks to his courageous and alert character, he was and is ideal for this.

On the one hand, he is an intrepid and self-confident dog, on the other hand, he is rather reserved or even suspicious of strangers. It takes a little time to get the dog’s trust. However, the Slovenský Cuvac is by no means an aggressive dog. That’s why you don’t have to worry!

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