Upbringing and Keeping of the Slovenský Cuvac

The Slovenský Cuvac is a very obedient dog that is not difficult to train. However, a consistent upbringing is also necessary here, which should show patience and love on the one hand, but clear boundaries on the other.

As explained above, the Slovenský Cuvac is an affectionate dog. As a result, he needs a lot of time and attention from you so that he does not become dissatisfied and tends to run away.

Simple walks are very suitable for the dog. This will ensure that it stays balanced and happy. However, since he is very calm by nature, you don’t have to worry about any great outliers or even broken objects.

However, the Slovenský Cuvac is not the best choice as a first dog, so another dog can be recommended to start with. Since this is a little mentally underdeveloped, it requires a lot of patience and experience. Rather, it is suitable as a so-called watchdog that protects you and your loved ones from burglars.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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