Socializing of the Slovenský Cuvac

As noted above, the Slovenský Cuvac is reserved for strangers. But how does it behave towards its peers? Similarly, because he quickly feels provoked and disturbed as soon as other dogs enter his territory.

It is therefore particularly important to socialize the dog as early as possible. So make sure he gets used to unfamiliar surroundings as well as other dogs. Ultimately, this requires consistent, but at the same time not too strict, training.

When dealing with children it can be said that both harmonize very well. In any case, the Slovenský Cuvac is a dog that is very affectionate and at the same time anything but aggressive. This makes it the perfect playmate for your children.

Whether the dog is now suitable for seniors will be briefly explained here. What are the pros? This is supported by the fact that, compared to other dogs, it does not need too much exercise and varied games to remain balanced. It is also positive here that he can act as a protector and thus ensures certain security for the elderly.

On the other hand, Slovenský Cuvac is physically very advanced at a young age, but mentally he is a few years behind his biological age. A large portion of patience and resistance to stress is therefore required here, which can be exhausting for a senior citizen.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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