Essence and Temperament of the Podenco Canario

The Canary Podenco is a dynamic and independent dog that has always been used to hunt rabbits. With its excellent sense of smell, the hunting-loving Podenco can quickly locate its prey and is not easily dissuaded from its plan.

The Podenco is affectionate and cuddly towards its owner – towards strangers it is rather distant and a little shy. Therefore, he is not suitable as a guard dog, for example, as he would not report strangers. Because of the strong performance-oriented selection of this dog breed in their homeland, they are very tough and resilient.

The appearance of the Podenco Canario

The Podenco Canario immediately attracts attention with its large, pointed ears. It is one of the medium-sized dog breeds and has an athletic build with a short, thick coat. You can usually see the ribs and hip bones of the Canary Podencos because they have a very athletic body without a lot of fat.

As with all greyhounds, the face is narrow and ends in a long, pointed nose. The tail is set low and in most cases sickle-shaped.

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