Essence and Temperament of the Ca de Bou

On the one hand, the Ca de Bou is a very smart and lovable dog. He loves to move and therefore needs a lot of exercises. He is also described as balanced and cheerful.

On the other hand, the Ca de Bou is a protector who always stands bravely in front of his family. However, he is not aggressive about it. Don’t be fooled by its appearance.

Socializing of the Ca de Bou

The Ca de Bou is generally a sociable dog when well-trained. When he has gained trust in people or dogs, he shows them his cheerful nature. He is usually a little more reserved toward strangers. But he doesn’t seem shy, nor does he have an aggressive way of showing it.

Important: The dog is ideal as a family dog. He has a high threshold and stays calm for a long time. Therefore, he is also considered fond of children.

Dogs are less suitable for older people, as they need a lot of exercises and can quickly lead to excessive demands in adulthood if not properly trained.

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