Care and Health of the Ca de Bou

Grooming is not very demanding due to its short coat. It just needs to be brushed regularly. The hair loss in the dog is also limited.

When looking at the health of the Ca de Bou, you can see that it does not have any diseases typical of the breed. And the dog is otherwise robust against diseases. The state of health must of course be seen individually for each dog and cannot be generalized.

The activity of the Ca de Bou

The Ca de Bou needs plenty of exercise every day, which it can get from long walks. He loves running in nature and exploring the world.

Tip: Before the dog does any sport, you should consult a veterinarian. Excessive strain may lead to joint problems. This can be due to the dog’s weight or the fact that its growth is not yet complete.

Since the dog is very clever, his brain should also be encouraged. For example, you can teach him new tricks or do dog sports. When the dog is fully grown, it is also ideal as a jogging companion.

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