Advent Calendar For Cats: How It Works!

The Advent season should also be the best time of the year for your cat. We show you the nicest little surprises that your house cat will be happy about in the advent calendar.

Making an advent calendar for the cat is not as complicated as you might think. You don’t have to come up with something new for all 24 doors. Because just as we are happy about chocolate every day, a cat is also satisfied with sweet temptations. However, one or the other toy or special extra can give your darling a very special treat. And so the daily surprises are particularly exciting!

How do you build an advent calendar?

A cat can also look forward to a pretty advent calendar, but the content is certainly of greater importance for the little cat. But if you enjoy designing, put the gifts in small fabric bags or make small baskets out of paper. Masters and mistresses who are lazy about handicrafts can also use a ready-made advent calendar and fill it up. Important for all variants: The calendar should be placed in such a way that ideally the cat cannot reach it or injure itself on it or get caught in it.

If you don’t have time and still want to make your darling happy, there are ready-made advent calendars for cats. However, you should check beforehand whether your sweet tooth also likes the content, so that the daily surprise does not turn into a disappointment.

What is Kitty looking forward to in the advent calendar?

  • Treats

Simple but effective. Every kitten is happy about small treats. Especially if your darling doesn’t get much to nibble on in between, you can really spoil him during the Advent season.

Try new and exciting strains that you wouldn’t normally buy. With this, you can arouse the curiosity of your favorite every day and at the same time test whether he likes a certain product. You could spoil your little gourmet with a very special treat on St. Nicholas Day or Christmas.

It is best to pack a few of his favorite nibbles in the advent calendar as well so that there is definitely something for your cheeky rascal.

  • toy

It is well known that love goes through the stomach, but your velvet paw is certainly not averse to a new toy either. There are very cute variants with a Christmas look that are sure to get your house cat in the right mood.

Whether it’s a cuddly mouse, a ball, or a bell – your cat will have fun with it every day. And if you quickly lose interest in a toy, there’s a new surprise for you the next day. For more toy inspiration, check out our article on the best toys for cats.

Coupon for cuddles

Cats can’t read, but your darling will still be happy if you pack an extra cuddle in the advent calendar.

Take the time to cuddle extensively with your darling. This makes the pre-Christmas season even more beautiful and, above all, more loving!

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