10 Christmas Gifts For The Cat

The first snow may already be lying outside, and delicious cookies are being baked: Christmas is just around the corner! You don’t have to worry about your cat’s wish list this year, because we have 10 gift tips that will make every velvet paw happy at Christmas!

For the play instinct

The best way to please active cats is with a toy. This becomes particularly interesting for the velvet paw when it appeals to several senses and maybe even works with smells. Catnip is sure to keep your darling busy all Christmas Eve! Check out our Best Toys for Cats article for more play ideas.

For little explorers

There is also the right gift for Christmas for curious cats who want to use their brains. Fummel boards, activity boards or play rails are ideal here, which also work wonderfully for several cats. Movement, luminous elements, and various construction options activate all of your little house tiger’s senses so that he stays busy for longer.

The pinata

If you want to surprise yourself and make your loved one happy with lots of little things, grab a gift box. They come with small gifts for cats such as toys or snacks. Here is also the right thing for little skeptics.

When your eyes close

Every cat owner knows that the little mouse catchers prefer to sleep all day when there is not something exciting to discover. A cozy blanket with a Christmas look is the ideal gift for little sleepyheads.

For the king of idlers

Does your little house cat like to play the lion king and isn’t satisfied with a simple cuddly blanket? To really pull out all the stops and impress your darling, buy him a hammock in a cute Christmas hat design. So your little bully is definitely the king under the Christmas tree.

My home is my castle

For a shy kitty who is fed up with all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, a retreat might be the right gift. How about a Christmas shelter, for example?

Your darling can always retreat to his fluffy cave when it gets too much between children’s laughter and Christmas carols.

The right holiday look

A cute Christmas jumper on our kitty may delight us, but the dear animal may not like it. As an alternative, there are also chic collars with a safety clip, which decorate the animal for once. So your darling can spread the Christmas spirit without stress.

For small scratch brushes

Of course, the gifts for Christmas don’t always have to come in the right design – after all, you want your cat to be able to enjoy his gift all year round. How about a really chic scratching post, for example? Your darling can let off steam on it and maybe even spare the defenseless Christmas tree.

Enjoy your meal!

If your cat is older or a little slacker, you can make her happy with a real feast. After all, a delicious meal is also part of our Christmas program. Spoil your darling with special food and give him a stylish new bowl with which he can dine festively in the future.

Cuddling hours with mistress or master

In addition to all the great little things, the best gift of all for cats is definitely one thing: time together with their very personal “can opener”. Take the time for your animal. Because the cuddles together are not only a pleasure for your pet and you yourself at Christmas time, which warms the heart.

We wish you and your cat a merry, peaceful, and healthy Christmas!

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