10 Gift Tips For Cat Lovers

Every year the same question: Who do I give what? For cat owners, the answer is simple: we’ve put together the ten best gift ideas for cat owners.

For cold winter days

Since we don’t live in the Caribbean, it gets really frosty by November at the latest. And as wonderful as a white Christmas looks, it is one thing above all: cold. The only thing that helps at night is a warm hot-water bottle in a cozy bed. The variant with a cute cat design is ideal for friends of little cats.

New year, new happiness

Once Christmas is here, the new year is not far away. No wonder calendars are a popular gift. Here, too, there are numerous specimens in the cuddly house tiger look. But how about something unusual? The “Simon’s Cat” calendar provides cat owners with funny sayings every day.

Lost in translation

Yes, our stubborn velvet paws are not always easy to understand. As with a foreign language, one longs for a practical dictionary. And there really is! Langenscheidt tried to translate the cat for humans and vice versa in an incredibly humorous and informative way. The perfect gift for cat owners who just can’t make sense of their darling.

For boring holidays

You can do a lot in winter, but like most people, you’re probably more drawn to curling up on the sofa at home with a hot chocolate. If you don’t want to just watch TV or read all the time, you can try your hand at brain teasers. How about a good old jigsaw puzzle? This is especially fun together and at the end, there is a cute motif to hang up. A little kitten should immediately excite any cat owner about the idea.

For decoration friends

Many cat owners love their pets so much that they show them with photos or accessories. Luckily, there are such great cat-themed decor items that you can even use them to show off your good taste. How about these curious door acrobats, for example? This makes everyone feel welcome immediately.

On the go

Who can do without a smartphone these days? Only very few. This fact creates an ideal gift for younger cat owners. Even a “cool teenager” should be happy to use this cute mobile phone case with a big-eyed Christmas cat or one of the other alternatives.

For storytellers

Stories are just as much a part of Christmas as songs and cookies. But how about a cat story instead of the typical Christmas story? With Andrea Schacht’s Cat Christmas, you can enchant your loved ones with Christmas stories about the little velvet paws.

For the fashion conscious

It doesn’t always have to be cheesy or playful. Cats can also look stylish when it comes to fashion. The best example is the chic watch from great, which with its subtle and stylish cat motif is the ideal gift for fashionistas and female cat lovers.

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Of course, festive gifts are also well received at Christmas. The Christmas tree in particular is the highlight of the festive season in many households every year. All the better that there is also the ideal tree decoration for cat owners.

For movie buffs

The quiet Christmas time is also fantastic for watching films together with the family. But agreeing on a film is often not that easy. The imaginative and slightly whimsical film “The Kingdom of Cats” from Studio Ghibli provides entertainment for children and adults alike. Here our little house tigers finally get their deserved leading role.

Well, was there something? Then the only thing missing is the right packaging. We’ll tell you how to conjure up a really cute gift wrap with a cat face in under two minutes: Wrap gifts with a cat face.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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