50 Celebrities and Their Beloved Beagles (with Names)

Beagles are known for their floppy ears, wagging tails, and friendly personalities. These lovable pups have found a place in the hearts of many, including some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Here are 50 celebrities who own Beagles and their Beagles’ names.

Barack Obama: Bo and Sunny

Ryan Reynolds: Baxter

George W. Bush: Barney

Lynda Carter: Pete

Leonardo DiCaprio: unnamed

Tom Brady and Gisele B√ľndchen: Scooby

Kristin Chenoweth: Maddie

Ashley Judd: Buttermilk

Jimmy Fallon: Gary Frick

Hugh Laurie: Suki

Hugh Jackman: Dali

Jennifer Garner: Violet

Tim McGraw: Pal

Drew Barrymore: Fidel

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Tyson

Kristin Davis: Flossie

Howard Stern: Bianca

Jodie Foster: Snoopy

Mariah Carey: unnamed

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen: Pippa

Drew Carey: Mimi

Naomi Watts: Bob

Snoop Dogg: unnamed

Oprah Winfrey: Lauren

Jennifer Aniston: unnamed

Jerry Seinfeld: Foxy

David Blaine: unnamed

Harry Styles: Bo

David Hasselhoff: Louis

Simon Cowell: unnamed

Natalie Portman: Charlie

Alec Baldwin: unnamed

Halle Berry: unknown

Queen Elizabeth II: Guy

Dakota Fanning: Max

Liv Tyler: Neal

James Gandolfini: Rookie

Betty White: Pontiac

David Beckham: Uno

Christopher Walken: unknown

Lisa Kudrow: Louie

Joe Biden: unnamed

Jane Lynch: Georgia

Jennifer Lawrence: unnamed

Sheryl Crow: Levi

Kate Hudson: Marley

Justin Bieber: unnamed

Ashley Olsen: unnamed

Stephen Colbert: Benny

Ellen DeGeneres: Wally

Beagles are a beloved breed for their affectionate and loyal nature, and it’s clear that many celebrities have found a special place in their hearts for these four-legged friends. From political figures to Hollywood stars, Beagles have captured the hearts of many famous people and continue to be a popular choice for canine companionship.

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