50 Celebrities and Their Beloved Lagotti Romagnoli (with Names)

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a breed of dog that originated in Italy and is known for its wooly curly coat, intelligence, and loyalty. These dogs have become increasingly popular over the years and many celebrities have taken notice. Here are 50 celebrities and their beloved Lagotto Romagnolo with names.

Jennifer Aniston – Sophie
Orlando Bloom – Mighty
Gigi Hadid – Doro
Taylor Swift – Benjamin Button
Sandra Bullock – Poppy
Emma Watson – Charlie
George Clooney – Einstein
Katy Perry – Nugget
Selena Gomez – Winnie
Ryan Gosling – George
Adele – Louie
Chrissy Teigen – Penny
Hugh Jackman – Allegra
Miley Cyrus – Barbie
Leonardo DiCaprio – Django
Vanessa Hudgens – Darla
Bradley Cooper – Charlotte
Anne Hathaway – Esmerelda
Kim Kardashian – Gabbana
Hugh Grant – Fido
Lady Gaga – Koji
Blake Lively – Penny
David Beckham – Olive
Jennifer Lawrence – Pippi
John Legend – Pippin
Kylie Jenner – Norman
Reese Witherspoon – Pepper
Kit Harington – Rosie
Kylie Minogue – Sassafras
Justin Timberlake – Scout
Sarah Jessica Parker – Shaggy
Tom Hiddleston – Siggi
Penelope Cruz – Sky
Michael Buble – Stella
Eva Longoria – Tina
Zac Efron – Tito
Miranda Kerr – Teddy
Matthew McConaughey – Turquoise
Jennifer Lopez – Tyson
Ellen DeGeneres – Wally
Ryan Reynolds – Wilbur
Zoe Saldana – Zara
Ben Affleck – Zero
Jessica Biel – Ziggy
Robert Downey Jr. – Suki
Cate Blanchett – Mr. Brown
Angelina Jolie – Alfie
Emma Stone – Olive
Bradley Whitford – Finn
Mindy Kaling – Chloe

These celebrities have fallen in love with their Lagotto Romagnolo companions and enjoy their intelligence, energy, and adorable looks. It’s easy to see why these dogs have become such popular pets among the rich and famous.

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