50 Celebrities and Their Beloved Coton de Tulears (with Names)

The Coton de Tulear, also known as the Royal Dog of Madagascar, is a small, fluffy, and affectionate dog breed that has captured the hearts of many. Here are 50 celebrities who have also fallen in love with their Coton de Tulears, along with their names.

Rachel McAdams – Billie
Miley Cyrus – Emu
Kelly Osbourne – William
Mario Lopez – Julio Cesar Chavez Lopez
Mariah Carey – Jackie Lambchops
Miranda Lambert – Belle
Hugh Jackman – Dali
Betty White – Pontiac
Bruce Willis – Boomer
Vanessa Williams – Enzo
Jackie Chan – JJ
Barbra Streisand – Samantha
Katherine Heigl – Flora
Emmy Rossum – Cinnamon
Jessica Simpson – Daisy
Billy Joel – Sandman
Liza Minnelli – Toto
Jesse Tyler Ferguson – Fennel
Jane Lynch – Francis
Andie MacDowell – Ava
Elvis Costello – Casey
Joan Rivers – Spike
Jean-Claude Van Damme – Nicola
John O’Hurley – Scoshi
Fran Drescher – Esther
Carolina Herrera – Gaspar
Rene Russo – Brody
Sally Field – Peter
Adam Sandler – Meatball
Kathie Lee Gifford – Bambino
Meryl Streep – Chloe
Diane Keaton – Terry
Rue McClanahan – Tulee
Sigourney Weaver – Charlie
Julianne Hough – Lexi
Eva Longoria – Jinxy
Kelly Ripa – Chewie
Princess Caroline of Monaco – Tigrane
Jennifer Love Hewitt – Bella
Jerry Lewis – Bogie
Carol Burnett – Kiki
Beth Stern – Bianca
Johnny Knoxville – Papillon
Dolly Parton – Popeye
Jaclyn Smith – Annabelle
Vanessa Hudgens – Darla
Melissa Gilbert – Oliver
Lisa Vanderpump – Pikachu
Maria Shriver – Monty
Mindy Kaling – Clarence

These celebrities and their Coton de Tulears show us just how loyal and loving these little dogs can be. Whether it’s a cute and fluffy companion or a playful and energetic addition to the family, the Coton de Tulear has captured the hearts of many.

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