50 Celebrities and Their Beloved Patterdale Terriers (with Names)

Patterdale Terriers are small but mighty dogs that are beloved by many celebrities. Originally bred in England for hunting, Patterdale Terriers are now popular pets due to their loyalty, energy, and affectionate nature. Here are 50 celebrities who have fallen in love with Patterdale Terriers and their furry friends’ names.

Ed Sheeran – Graham
Ben Fogle – Storm
Luke Evans – Kona
Bear Grylls – Rusty
Dominic West – Peanut
Michael Sheen – Loki
Jonathan Ross – Mr. Pickles
David Boreanaz – Fritz
Simon Cowell – Freddie
Tom Hardy – Woody
Brad Pitt – Jacques
Leonardo DiCaprio – Django
Pierce Brosnan – Gunner
Simon Pegg – Minnie
John Cusack – Frisky
Gerard Butler – Lolita
Chelsea Handler – Chunk
Michelle Rodriguez – Casper
Matthew Rhys – Tess
Rupert Everett – Augie
Steve Coogan – Albert
Paul O’Grady – Buster
Ewan McGregor – Sid
Ryan Reynolds – Baxter
Ryan Gosling – George
Hugh Jackman – Dali
Russell Brand – Bear
Jonathan Rhys Meyers – Art
James Corden – Colin
Mark Wahlberg – Benny
Stephen Fry – Poppet
Jude Law – Oscar
Robert Pattinson – Patty
Simon Webbe – Nala
John Barrowman – Jack
Rupert Grint – Rubin
Ashley Judd – Shug
Paul McCartney – Buster
Bruce Willis – Cherry
James McAvoy – Murphy
Mark Ronson – Wally
Ricky Gervais – Oberon
Jamie Foxx – Rocky
Christopher Eccleston – Bonnie
Robert Downey Jr. – Bagel
Ellen DeGeneres – Wolf
Oprah Winfrey – Sadie
Martha Stewart – Sharkey
Miley Cyrus – Bean
Justin Theroux – Kuma

These 50 celebrities and their Patterdale Terriers demonstrate the breed’s popularity and charm. Whether it’s on a movie set or a hiking trail, Patterdale Terriers make loyal and loving companions for their owners.

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