50 Celebrities and Their Beloved Yorkshire Terriers (with Names)

Yorkshire Terriers, also known as Yorkies, are small, energetic, and full of personality. These tiny pups have captured the hearts of many celebrities who love their compact size and adorable appearance. Here are 50 celebrities who own Yorkshire Terriers and their Yorkies’ names.

Paris Hilton: Tinkerbell, Diamond Baby, Prince, Marilyn Monroe

Britney Spears: London

Hilary Duff: Lucy, Jack

Miranda Lambert: Delta Dawn

Heather Locklear: Harley

Miley Cyrus: Little Dog

Natalie Portman: Whiz

Demi Lovato: Bella

Molly Sims: Poupette

Emma Roberts: Twiggy

LeAnn Rimes: Virgil

Orlando Bloom: Sidi

Jamie Lee Curtis: Tallulah

Denise Richards: Lilly

Eva Longoria: Jinxy

Maria Menounos: Whinnie

Brooke Shields: Mia

Nicole Richie: Honeychild

Vanessa Hudgens: Darla

Kristin Cavallari: Bardot

Blake Lively: Penny

Gisele Bundchen: Vida

Lucy Hale: Elvis

Martha Stewart: Ghenghis Khan, Empress Qin Shi Huang

Halle Berry: Bobo

Jennifer Aniston: Norman

Geri Halliwell: Harry

Bethenny Frankel: Cookie

Naomi Watts: Bob

Kelly Osbourne: Polly

Ashley Tisdale: Maui

Denise Van Outen: Betsy

Katherine Heigl: Mabel

Jessica Simpson: Daisy

Mischa Barton: Ziggy

Lily Allen: Maggie May

Kim Kardashian: Rocky

Katie Price: Princess

Victoria Beckham: Scarlett

Amanda Seyfried: Finn

Kristen Bell: Lola

Lea Michele: Pearl

Hoda Kotb: Blake

Jennifer Love Hewitt: Charlie

Christina Ricci: Karen

Brooke Burke: Puca

Tiffani Thiessen: Buckholz

Dakota Fanning: Daisy

Ellen DeGeneres: Wolf

Paris Jackson: Koa

Yorkshire Terriers are popular with celebrities due to their small size, cute appearance, and big personalities. These pups make great companions and are often seen accompanying their famous owners to red carpet events or on social media. From Paris Hilton’s multiple Yorkies to Ellen DeGeneres’ beloved Wolf, it’s clear that these tiny pups have captured the hearts of many celebrities.

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