14+ Undeniable Truths Only Keeshond Pup Parents Understand

Keeshond is a dog for those who need an easy-going companion, as well as a playful companion for play and close emotional interaction. These fluffy, spherical “Dutchmen” are in constant spiritual dependence on the owner and his family members. Well, more specifically, the Wolfspitz relative will always prefer the company of a person to a canine society.

Keeshond is extremely peaceful and gets along easily with anyone. He does not bully pets (unless you yourself push the pet to such actions) and is ready to be friends with everyone who showed attention to him. The only thing that can disappoint and offend a dog is the psychological atmosphere reigning around it. Remember, Keeshonda is uncomfortable where they constantly shout and talk in a raised voice, as well as where they don’t pay attention to him, giving him the opportunity to entertain himself on his own.

#1 Keeshond is called the best friends of mushroom pickers, fishermen and picnic lovers.

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Written by Mary Allen

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