14+ Undeniable Truths Only St. Bernard Pup Parents Understand

St. Bernards are natives of the Swiss Alps, selfless rescuers of travelers lost in the mountains, known for their phenomenal devotion to man. Serious and collected, these white-red giants are completely devoid of arrogance and desire to “show off” in front of their relatives. And what’s the point of proving something to someone with such impressive dimensions. St. Bernards feel most comfortable in large friendly families, where they are definitely not threatened with loneliness and lack of communication.

#1 Balanced and good-natured by nature, St. Bernards easily get along with any pets, from cats to feathered pets.

#2 Rescue dogs love companionship, but they also cope well with temporary loneliness, unless it spills over into permanent loneliness.

#3 A characteristic feature of St. Bernards is intense salivation, so if you are not ready to wipe liquid “marks” from the floor, furniture and household knees, take a closer look at other breeds.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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