14+ Undeniable Truths Only French Bulldog Pup Parents Understand

The French Bulldog dog breed can be trained in different commands, unlike many other decorative breeds. However, most owners are limited to basic skills, as they see their pets primarily as cute companions, and nothing more. In any case, you can be sure that your pet will be happy to learn new commands or tricks if you want to perform with him at dog shows.

In addition, the French Bulldog can be a helper for the elderly and people with disabilities. In this case, you can even involve a specialist in training, although this is not necessary. High intelligence, comprehensibility, and learning ability make it possible to independently teach the dog the necessary things.

You need to be kind and patient – usually, the question of any punishments when working with this breed is not even raised, since the French Bulldog always wants to be in harmony with the owner and please him. Make sure that the activities are not too monotonous, alternate training approaches with games and treats.

#3 These sensitive little muffins do not take criticism well. If you own or interact with one of these little guys, and it does something bad, don’t scold it!

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