14+ Undeniable Truths Only Greyhound Pup Parents Understand

Greyhound is a star of circular tracks, a gambling hunter, and a good-natured sleepyhead, maddeningly in love with his own owner. Maybe he is not the best campaigner, who understands any requirements from a half-word, but he is a wonderful friend and companion who knows how to show delicacy and patience where circumstances require it. True, Greyhounds settle down only to a conscious age, quite rightly believing that childhood is the best time to test the peace and patience of others.

#1 In England, Greyhounds are called “fast lazybones” because of their calm temperament and fanatical love of relaxation on soft and not very mattresses.

#2 The literal translation of the breed’s name is “gray greyhound”, although modern linguists believe that “greyhound” is a distorted form of the Old English “greyhound” – greyhound-cricket

#3 The latter version is supported by the fact that animals have the same springy and long jump as crickets.

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Written by Mary Allen

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  1. Not all greyhounds like company. My first hound would tolerate other dogs for a while, but showed me when he had had enough and wanted to go home.
    My second hound is the opposite, she needs to have company, hence, my 3rd greyhound.
    Sadly the first one passed away, and the second was an ’emergency adoption’, because I am a volunteer visitor, and take my dogs to nursing homes, and when the first one died, I needed a quick replacement.