14+ Undeniable Truths Only Japanese Chin Pup Parents Understand

Japanese chins, animate treasures of the Japanese and Chinese emperors, have long won the hearts of indoor pet dog fans around the world. They continue to touch the dog breeders with their grace and sweetness. Their tender, fragile beauty, combined with intelligence, intelligence, delicacy, sincere devotion, and love for a person, demonstrate an amazing symbiosis, causing people to feel a sense of beauty and a noble desire to take care of our smaller brothers.

#2 They are mobile, but not fussy, unexpectedly courageous, and in case of danger to themselves or their masters, their courage can grow into recklessness.

#3 The dog never retreats in front of the enemy, but since it cannot enter the battle due to its size, it spits, yells or hisses like a cat.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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