14+ Realities That New Whippet Owners Must Accept

Whippet is an athlete, a skilled hunter, a sophisticated intellectual, capable of decorating with his own presence not only an apartment but also the life of the owner. Despite the rather lively temperament and love of active entertainment, the small English greyhound is not the kind of dog that will cause problems. And all because these graceful clever girls intuitively understand when to turn on the turbo mode, and when it is better to merge with the interior in order to give the owner a little respite. At the same time, the breed is categorically not determined to restrain its own feelings, so, bringing a tiny whippet into the house, get ready to drown in tenderness and affectionate harassment – the level of emotionality in small English greyhounds is without exaggeration going through the roof.

Having inherited from their ancestors a passion for hunting and a persecution mania, Whippets require close attention to themselves in any locations outside the apartment. In pursuit of trophies, the dog forgets about everything and can get lost even on a walk.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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