14+ Realities That New Havanese Owners Must Accept

Small dog breeds are increasingly being chosen as pets. They are easy to start in a small apartment and much easier to care for. For a long time, the hearts of dog lovers have been captivated by the Havana Bichon – a breed with an interesting history and cute appearance.

The Havana Bichon is considered an aristocratic dog – you just have to look at its proud appearance. The dog itself is small, compactly built, has a strong bone frame. The legs are short, the tail is ringed, and the ears are drooping. It is the wool that gives the dogs a special charm – it is thick, shiny, long. The color can vary depending on the pedigree – Havanese are often found with black and golden, black and white coats. Very rarely, they are pure white, most often, silver wool is found.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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