14+ Realities That New English Bulldog Owners Must Accept

The Bulldog is a stocky, powerful, undersized dog. Has a fairly large head, large, muscular limbs. A square should form between the forelegs and the chest of these dogs, and the head should also be square. The muzzle is short, wide, and raised. The flews are thick, pendulous, covering the lower jaw. The body is sturdy. The neck is also very thick and strong. The back is arched, the stomach is tucked up. The tail is very short and sets low. The nose is wide, the ears are small, drooping, widely spaced from each other. The coat is short. The color can be different: brindle, red with white, monochromatic red, fawn, brown, distemper (monochromatic with a black mask). The color must not be black or flesh-colored.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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