14+ Realities That New English Mastiff Owners Must Accept

The English Mastiff is a true hero of the tales of peaceful giants! In contrast to the formidable and impressive appearance, this dog has a soft and good-natured disposition.

Mastiffs treat the owner and family members warmly and reverently. They are also very friendly towards others. Mastiffs are drawn to children, easily establish contact with them and protect them from trouble. These dogs are very obedient and balanced. They behave calmly, do not bother anyone, and, most likely, will peacefully snooze under your intimate conversations.

At the same time, mastiffs are excellent watchmen who, by their very appearance, discourage criminals from any desire to enter the house. Despite his good nature, if necessary, the mastiff will wholeheartedly defend the owner and family members and will stand to the last.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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