14+ Realities That New Cane Corso Owners Must Accept

The Cane Corso breed has a noble, balanced character and does not waste on trifles. These dogs retain the pride and strength of their great ancestors, which can be seen at first glance. The Cane Corso breed is exceptionally devoted to its family, and if you are looking for a family companion that combines all the best qualities of a strong and intelligent dog, this is what you need.

Basically, they are distinguished by obedience, devotion, high intelligence, and gentle, kind character. They are cold-blooded and can remain calm even if the other dog tries to infuriate, but if it still comes to a fight, the Cane Corso will be in a battle to the last and will not retreat even in front of a superior opponent. Their kindness and friendliness are directed primarily towards their family, or towards the owner, if the pet lives with one person.

Strangers, friends of the owners are of little interest to him. Sometimes it may even seem that he does not particularly notice other people and animals until they come close to a close distance – then the dog notes the presence of a foreign creature, and makes sure that this very creature, even in thoughts, does not harm those close to her people.

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