14+ Things Only Cane Corso Owners Will Understand

Thanks to a huge past and comprehensive experience that is embedded in the genes, the breed can perform a wide variety of functions. It all depends on what the owner needs. Cane Corso can be a protector, watchman, hunt help, or just a good friend. In any case, the dog will show itself in the best possible way.

But one should not forget that this is an animal with great inner strength, and therefore, it will try to strengthen the character of the owner. That is to say – to study the boundaries of what is permitted. Consequently, Cane Corso is not recommended for inexperienced and indecisive owners, as the owner sometimes must be able to rigidly put himself in the position of a leader. Children are treated with kindness, without aggression.

They need early socialization, getting to know other people and animals to broaden their horizons, and it is better to introduce them to cats at an early age. They have a fairly high level of energy, they like walks, active games, and physical activity. Without activity, without occupation, and loving people nearby, the dog quickly begins to wither, its character deteriorates, it can stop eating normally or, on the contrary, turn into a glutton, literally “eating” melancholy, like people.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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