14+ Realities That New Basenji Owners Must Accept

Basenji is an animal that came to us from the very heart of the African continent. The breed was formed without any human intervention. All traits of temperament, demeanor, the ability to think quickly, natural ingenuity, and even love and affection for humans typical for other dogs are the result of natural selection and not any selection experiments. This is the main value of the Basenji, and one must learn to accept, understand and love this creature the way nature created it. An amazing dog is still very rare in our area, but the popularity of the breed is constantly growing.

Representatives of the breed are very active, they are distinguished by a lively mind, amazing ingenuity, and independence. It is impossible to take control of their hunting instinct – a bush dog (another of the many names of the Basenji), without hesitation, begins to chase everything that moves. The best means of control is a long, strong leash.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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