14+ Things Only Shiba Inu Owners Will Understand

The Shiba Inu is distinguished by a strong and willful temperament, the dog requires a firm hand and a confident owner. Inclined to dominate, she will constantly check whether the leader’s place is vacant and try to take it. The animal is distinguished by an average degree of activity, it is quite adapted for living in an apartment in a metropolis. However, the dog will feel most comfortable with an active owner who loves regular physical activity. The dog prefers long walks and will be an excellent companion in nature hikes.

The Shiba Inu breed is primitive, so the representatives have very strong instincts developed over centuries of evolution. Even well-bred trained individuals, in the heat of the hunt, completely forget about the owner, do not hear the commands, which is why experienced dog handlers recommend walking the Shiba Inu only on a leash to avoid unpleasant situations.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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