12 Interesting Things About Poodles You Didn't Know

The poodle makes a wonderful companion for children, but children who don’t know how to handle a dog could accidentally injure a toy poodle, which is the smallest and most delicate variant of the breed.

As with any breed, you should always teach children how to approach and handle the dog, and also monitor any interaction between dogs and young children to avoid biting, ear tugging and tail tugging – from either side avoid.

Teach your child never to disturb a dog while it is eating or sleeping, or to try to take food away from it. No dog, no matter how friendly, should ever be left unsupervised with a child.

#1 Most owners will pay a professional groomer, but if you have the dedication and time, you can learn to groom the poodle yourself.

You will need good quality electric clippers and blades, good quality scissors, a brush, comb, nail trimmer, and a good grooming book or video - there are plenty of these available specifically for Poodle owners.

#2 Even if you hire a professional to do the complicated stuff, your poodle still needs to be brushed daily.

Because poodles don't shed hair like other breeds, loose hair tends to gather in the coat and if not brushed out daily, it will become matted very quickly.

#3 Many poodles have teary eyes that stain the hair under their eyes.

The lighter your poodle's coat, the more noticeable the tear stains will be. To reduce staining, wipe the area around your eyes daily with an alcohol-free pet wipe or washcloth dampened with warm water.

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Written by Mary Allen

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