Yams: What You Should Know

Yams or yam is an edible root, similar to cassava. Yams grow in the tropics. Many people eat yams for a large part of their diet. Other types of yams are used as medicinal plants.

In biology, yams are a genus of plants, of which there are about 800 different species. Above the ground, it grows a lot of herbs and also likes to wind itself up on other plants. In the ground, the roots branch out and form tuberous roots that can be eaten. That is why one often speaks of the yam root.

The root nodules of some species can grow up to two meters long. However, species with shorter tubers are also cultivated. Before eating, you have to cook them. Their taste lies between the potato and the chestnut. Yams are also just as nutritious as these two. It contains a lot of carbohydrates. This is a strength that gives our muscles power.

Most yams are grown in Africa. At the top is Nigeria. Around 250 kilograms of yams are harvested there every year per inhabitant. Then come Ghana, Ivory Coast, Benin, and some other countries. A country outside of Africa follows only in tenth place, namely Haiti.

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