Lemon: What You Should Know

The lemon is the fruit of the lemon tree. Such trees belong to the genus of citrus plants. They grow as trees or shrubs and reach heights of five to 25 meters.

You can harvest from the lemon tree four times a year. The exact color depends on the time of year: what you see in the shop, the yellow fruits, are from autumn and winter. The fruits turn green in summer and almost white in spring.

The lemon originally comes from Asia. Already in antiquity, they were brought to Europe. For a long time, they were very expensive. They were initially appreciated for their scent. Later such fruits were also eaten. There is a lot of vitamin C in lemons.

In order to grow lemon trees, the climate must be warm and humid. In Europe, they only exist in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea. However, some people also have them in a greenhouse or even in the home. Today, most lemons are grown in Mexico and India.

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Written by Mary Allen

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