Onion: What You Should Know

The onion is a plant. You can find them as garden onions on the vegetable shelves in the supermarket. They are also called kitchen onions or table onions. It is related to leeks, garlic, and some similar plants.

The onion plant has stems and leaves that are green or slightly white. In the first year, the seeds fall to the ground, and begin to grow, forming a small bulb. They are often bought as onion sets and planted in the ground. In the second year, it grows into a large onion that you can eat. If you don’t harvest them, the stalks will grow taller. A flower is formed with flowers, later seeds. They fall into the ground and so the game begins again in the third year.

What is usually meant by the word “onion” ripens underground: a kind of storage for nutrients. With most of the many varieties of onions, the onion is edible. But also tulips or daffodils and many other flowers form bulbs to overwinter and reproduce.

Onions are used as vegetables. They smell and taste strong. The onion was already known to the ancient Egyptians and then to the Romans. Since the onion is a desert plant, it needs little water.

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