Why Do Dogs Listen To Their Names Better Than Cats?

Perhaps you know this from your own experience: the dog obeys every word, and the cat skillfully ignores its own name. Have you ever wondered why this is so?

Whether it’s Bello, Schnauzer, or Clotilde: no matter how crazy the name is to your dog – once you get used to it, he’ll listen to it too. Things look different with cats. Calling her by her name will give you a tired look at best. Or no reaction.

However, some scientists believe that cats know and understand their names very well. But they just ignore it when you call them.

For example, unlike dogs or dolphins, which are considered highly social animals, cats are less social, researchers from Japan say. Because kittens prefer to decide for themselves when they interact with us.

Dogs Were Tamed Long Ago

Like dogs, cats are extremely popular pets and seem to be used to living with humans. So why do dogs listen to their names so well and cats less? The study authors attribute this to different levels of domestication. The dogs were specially bred by humans for a living.

It’s different with cats. Researchers call them semi-domesticated because cats have adapted to life with humans for more evolutionary reasons. This made it easier for them to survive – not surprisingly because the two-legged provide food, warmth, and safety.

Dogs Respond Better to Their Names

However, as a result, dogs were domesticated about 20,000 years earlier than cats. At least that’s how experts explain it. In addition, dogs are more sociable and cats are more independent. Dogs can also be more motivated through rewards. This makes them easier to train and teaches them to obey.

Just because your cat doesn’t suit you when you say a name doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you. Sooner or later she will snuggle to her chest – but in her conditions and when she wants …

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