These Things Mean Real Stress For Your Dog

Sometimes you stress your dog even if you really don’t want to. But certain things and behaviors that are perfectly normal for humans can quickly stress your four-legged friend.

Hugs, travel, loud music – it’s okay, right? Of course, for most people this is true. And when you have a dog, it goes through similar situations as part of your daily life. However, some types of human behavior are contrary to their nature.

Let’s take an example of hugs: we learned how important they are to our well-being. If you are suddenly unable to carelessly hug your loved ones, the first thing you notice is a lack of physical contact.

Many Dogs Don’t Like Being Hugged

Even so, don’t just hug the dog tightly. Because four-legged friends do not like it at all when they have the feeling that they cannot free themselves from a tight hug. For a dog, this is pure stress.

You don’t have to go without a cozy hug, but make sure you approach your dog carefully and do not embarrass him.

Wrong Collar Leads to Stress

Collars can also cause feelings of embarrassment. Even if the question of what collar or harness your dog is wearing does not seem so important from a human point of view at first glance: for dogs, it matters a lot! Some dogs should never be driven by the collar, explains veterinarian Dr. Karen Baker. Because it is uncomfortable for four-legged friends, and sometimes it hurts. Therefore, experts from time to time recommend the use of collars with a harness.

Dogs Don’t Like Carnival

Of course, it looks cute when a dog suddenly appears in the form of Superman or a Christmas elf … Many cannot resist dog costumes and attract them to their four-legged friend. But for them, it is often quite inconvenient.

“Most dogs don’t want to wear clothes because they feel unnatural or embarrassed. Jackets or winter shoes can also make them uncomfortable, ”veterinarian Jessica Kirk explains to Business Insider. Therefore, you should absolutely avoid certain dog costumes and clothing.

Avoid Loud Music

It’s no secret that dogs have much better hearing than humans. But we don’t always think about it right away when we play our favorite song loudly in front of our furry friends.

However, you should keep in mind that this will most likely make your dog feel uncomfortable or stressed. For example, if you are taking your dog with you in your car, do not turn on the radio too loud. And if your four-legged friend is at a party, make sure he can retire in a quiet room.

Smoking is Bad for Dogs

Dogs not only hear well but also have wonderful noses. Even the faint smell of cigarette smoke can make dogs feel uncomfortable, especially if they are unfamiliar with the smell.

If your dog is exposed to cigarette smoke for a long time, it can also have health consequences: experts warn about the dangers of secondhand smoke for dogs. It can also lead to respiratory illness or even cancer in four-legged friends.

You Often Look Your Dog in the Eye

Many dogs don’t like being watched all the time, especially if you look them in the eye. What is supposed to express affection from a human point of view makes your dog feel threatened.

On the other hand, for dogs, eyes are an important part of communicating with us humans. Therefore, for example, if you wear sunglasses, it can be confusing to them. Then four-legged friends will not recognize what you are looking at and, therefore, where your attention is focused.

If you do need or want to wear sunglasses in the summer, be sure to give your dog positive attention. That’s how he knows everything is okay.

Change of Familiar Surroundings

Dogs are true creatures of habit, they feel safe and comfortable in their familiar environment. Plus, smells and furniture helps them navigate. This is why many dogs experience stress when an object suddenly moves to a different location. In particular, suddenly become disoriented. If you want to rearrange your home, you should move the furniture gradually so that your four-legged friend can gently adjust to the change.

Travel is Stressful for Dogs as Well

Speaking of unfamiliar surroundings, travel is very stressful for many dogs for the same reason. New smells and experiences create stressful situations, even when there are guardians nearby. Therefore, some dogs find it easier to stay at home under the supervision of a nanny.

If the dog is to travel with you, you should at least prepare it in advance before traveling. You can train him, for example, for a transport box or long car trips. In addition, furry friends are often helped by bringing their favorite plush toys or other familiar items with you.

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