10 Weird Things Your Dog Does Every Day And What They Mean

Dogs are damn funny! Would you sign that too? If not, here are 10 weird things your dog does every day and what they mean, so you can see how fun life with a dog can be.

Even if they can drive us mad at times, most of the time we share heartfelt or heartily funny moments with our trusty doofy dog children.

Eating weed, suddenly freaking out out of nowhere or sleeping positions between yoga and torture – are you ready to smile? Well then, deaf!

Eat grass

Most dog owners feed their four-legged friends meat. Mainly meat and maybe some vegetables.

But why do all doggies eat grass? Are they perhaps secret vegans?

Probably not. Eating grass is actually part of the normal behavioral repertoire of our house dogs.

The blades of grass stimulate digestion and are a popular taste, especially on the morning walk.

There is nothing to worry about here unless you find your dog is eating excessively or there are other symptoms that indicate your dog is unwell. Then please go to the vet!

A pee cocktail, please!

Dog owners in particular are regularly shocked when the dog man licks other dogs’ pee on the side of the road.

Well, that’s what it’s like to be a dog. Through the olfactory organ on the upper palate, dogs perceive smells even more intensively by licking them up.

So where is she now, the bitch in heat?

Eat vomit

Jeppo, dogs eat their vomit. Not always, but more often.

It depends on why your dog vomited.

If he vomits yellow liquid and white foam, it is most likely bile. Your dog will not lick it up again.

If he has overeaten and a mountain of dry food comes out the same way it got into the dog, it will happily eat it again…


“Sledging” or “driving a Porsche” in dogs means sliding around on their hindquarters.

Looks funny, but often it isn’t.

Let’s check if your dog has problems with the anal glands or digestive problems!

Chasing the tail

Is It A Behavior Disorder When Dogs Chase Their Tails?

To a certain extent, yes! In any case, it is a reaction to get rid of excess energy.

Many dogs find it fun to spin in circles and chase their tails. However, this should not lead to injuries!

Game stop for more important things

Really fighting, just about to shred a few boxes together with you, just full speed through the garden and then suddenly IMMEDIATELY STOP! Dog needs to lick privates, now.

Do you also know these game stops from your dog?


Do you know that feeling when your dog turns away from one second to the next, but really? After pooping, feeding or just like that.

The phenomenon is also called zoomie. These are bursts of energy that the dog just can’t suppress!

It is assumed that it is pent-up energy that simply has to be released. Crazy, right?

Does he laugh or does he bite?

Some dogs can really laugh! Dalmatians in particular are known for being able to twist their muzzle into a typical grin.

People without dog experience are often unsure whether the dog is really laughing or biting right away. With a little practice, you’ll quickly spot the differences!

Dog researchers found that our four-legged friends can actually laugh! They usually do this to greet people or to invite them to play.

Sweet is not it?

Licking earwax

Multi-dog owners know it: the loving, mutual care among the dogs.

This also includes the pleasurable licking of other dog ears.

But human earwax also often belongs on the menu of four-legged friends. Haven’t you ever accidentally had a dog’s tongue stuck in your ear?

The background is probably that dogs like the salty taste of the delicious earwax.


Snacking on feces

Eating poop is actually a bad habit!

Eating poop from other animals like cats or horses is even less gross than dogs eating their own poop. This is called coprophagia and should be discussed with a veterinarian.

Your dog may be lacking something.

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