With THESE 3 Things You Unconsciously Hurt Your Dog’s Feelings

Dogs are very sensitive animals. We cannot emphasize this often enough.

We value our dogs for caring for us. They cheer us up when we’re sad and cuddle up to us when we’re not feeling well.

With their presence, they can lower our stress level and keep us fit. We often thank them with thoughtless gestures or actions that can deeply hurt our sensitive furry friends!

What you should pay more attention to in the future, we tell you here:

You don’t take his fears seriously enough!

Our dogs, with their fine hearing, can be frightened by unusual noises, as we have already written in a separate article. In addition to thunder or New Year’s Eve banging, a situation can also contribute to discomfort.

If you meet an aggressive dog or human and you realize that your darling is raising the hairs on the back of his neck, tucking in his tail or even starting to growl, then he is afraid.

Laughing now because the situation doesn’t seem dangerous to you or because you turned on the loud music just for you will upset your loved one.

A reaction of scolding or ignoring will also hurt his feelings and take away from him additional security.

Solution: Be eye to eye with him and talk soothingly so he knows nothing is going to happen!

Accidents can always happen!

In the event of illness, a change in feed or stress, mishaps can happen to his business.

Happy tail wags endanger valuable porcelain or glass vases, pots and cups again and again. Nibbles on the coffee table invite you to taste them and the crumbs are strategically distributed around the apartment.

There are countless mishaps that can happen to your furry friend over the years! Unintentionally, of course.

Most of the time, our dogs know that was really unfortunate and then withdraw contritely into a corner. Scolding or punishing is not appropriate here.

Solution: Valuable vases on the top shelf and, in the event of a mishap with the shop, keep a close eye on what triggered it!

You have overridden your own rules!

Consistency in raising your darling doesn’t just mean that you encourage him to behave according to your wishes.

It means much more that the rules you make are not only followed by him, but also by you!

Actually, he’s not allowed on the sofa. Today you are sad and he should come and cuddle on the sofa with you. Tomorrow he will be scolded for lying on the sofa! To give just one of the classic examples here.

Solution: Think very carefully about what you want to allow your puppy and, over many years, your adult dog, and what is and will remain forbidden!

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