Why Do Cats Stand on Cardboard Boxes Like That?

Certain behavior of their cats puzzles cat owners. One of them: Why do cats love to sit and lie so damn in cardboard boxes? In fact, your cat could have several reasons for this. Which? Your animal world reveals it to you!

Your cat can have the largest cat tree and the fluffiest corner – sometimes it still prefers to crawl into an old cardboard box. And she’s not alone: Many cat owners have long known that cats love cardboard boxes. But have you ever wondered why?

Cardboard Boxes Keep Cats Safe

What looks like an old parcel or a shoebox to you exudes one thing above all for your cat: the feeling of security. Because cardboard boxes are the ideal hiding place in which they feel protected. When cats are stressed or anxious, they withdraw – this behavior is also exhibited by wildcats: they climb trees to feel safe. The equivalent for house cats is the good old cardboard box.

No wonder: In a box, cats can’t surprise you that quickly. Potential enemies or prey cannot come from the sides or from behind. The cats can observe their surroundings but are (supposedly) not seen themselves. The closed, private space of the box also makes it the perfect place to sleep.

Cardboard Boxes Keep Cats Warm

Did you know that cardboard also offers great insulation? This is another reason why cats like to lie in cardboard boxes: They are always cozy and warm there. Cats feel most comfortable at temperatures around 37 degrees – and the kitties can curl up relaxed in small boxes, their own body heat then creates a warm cave.

Cardboard Boxes Help You Get Used to It

For a 2014 study, researchers found that cardboard boxes help cats get used to a new environment without stress. To do this, they observed cats in the animal shelter. Half had access to a box, the other half didn’t. The result: The cats with cardboard boxes were less stressed – at least in the short term, the retreat options reduce the stress level of your house tiger. If your cat has to get used to a new environment, you can easily make it easier for her to move with a cardboard box.

Sleeping Place and Toy in One

The velvet paws do not always twist in cardboard boxes to sleep – some also simply use the cardboard to let off steam. Its texture is perfect for scratching and biting.
And finally: cats are curious animals. So maybe you just want to find out whether something is hiding in this strange box – and what it could be …

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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