Why Does My Cat Always Follow Me at Home?

Do you sometimes feel downright chased by your cat? Does she always follow you – regardless of whether you want to go to the kitchen or maybe even to the bathroom? There is more to this than you probably think. Your animal world tells you why your cat is likely to run after you.

Your Cat Has Got Used to Following You

Some cats memorize themselves as kittens to follow their humans everywhere. This is a behavior that kittens also show in their mothers: They run after them because being close to their mother means protection and food – very much like being close to people

Brushing and petting your kittens often will further strengthen this bond between you. Some cats simply follow their humans out of curiosity or because they like to be in their company. The downside of this, however, is that when cats stay by their people’s side, they feel real separation pain and stress when they are alone.

Your Cat Runs After You Because It Likes You

If your cat is always chasing you, that’s actually a big compliment: She has chosen you as her favorite person. Maybe she’ll also show you that she missed you.
If you are hardly at home during the day, for example, because you work, your cat may not want to leave you alone in the evening. She probably hopes to get one or the other petting and play unit.

This is How You Return Your Cat’s Affection

Your cat shows you her love – and you make her very happy if you show her yours too. As? It depends on your cat’s preferences. While some cats like to play carelessly, others want an extended cuddle session. By learning to understand your cat’s body language, you will quickly learn where and how they would like to be petted.

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