This is How You Show Your Cat That You Love Them

Here’s how to use body language and gestures to show your cat how much you love them.

Our cats give us so much. It is high time to give them something back. There are many ways you can show your cat how important you are and how much you love them. These tricks and tips will help you.

Blink Slowly

Among cats, slowly blinking at each other is a real sign of trust. The animals would never close their eyes to anyone who could be dangerous to them. Even big cats wink at each other as a sign of relaxation and trust.

Show your cat that you trust her by looking into her eyes calmly and relaxed. Slowly close your eyes and then open them again a little. Your cat will understand the love sign. She may respond with a blink as well.

Let the Cat Rub You

When a cat rubs against fellow cats or people, it wants to distribute its personal pheromones and identify them as family members. A true token of love from the cat.

To return her love, you should definitely allow this behavior and pet the cat for it. If your cat is cuddly, you can also lean your head slightly against your cat’s when she rubs against you. If you remain sensitive, it will be a particularly pleasant physical contact for your cat.

Leave Space

Even if you only mean well: You damage the relationship with your cat enormously if you keep chasing after it, want to pet it all the time, and don’t leave it alone. The cat also wants to decide for itself when it does what and for how long.

Show your cat that you love them by giving them the space they need. She will surely return on her own to be petted. Also: Every cat needs an undisturbed retreat, such as a scratching post or a den.

Recognize Needs

You can also prove your love for your cat by learning to understand their needs. Cats are not easy pets: they place high demands on their owners.

Even if the basic equipment fits perfectly, a cat owner should also be able to recognize the current needs of his cat. Does the cat want to eat, play, or rather be left alone? Your cat will appreciate it if you understand them.

Pay Attention

Although cats are considered independent, they also need our attention. That’s why no cat should just have to live “next to” its human or be alone for too long. Working together is important.

Show that you love your cat by paying attention to it every day. Playing and snuggling together several times a day is important for most cats.

Please note: Several short play and petting sessions throughout the day are often better than a few long ones.

So, being responsive to and knowing your cat’s needs is a great way to say “I love you” to your cat. But even small gestures like blinking can show the cat how much it means to you.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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