This Is How Your Cat Learns To Love The Transport Box

Most cat owners know the problem: the cat absolutely does not want to go into the transport box. With these tips, you can easily get your tiger used to the necessary box.

Start early

If you want to get your cat used to the transport box, it is best to start very early in the cat’s life. The younger the kitten, the better, because velvet paws learn faster at a tender age.

We have the individual steps from kitten to cat here for you: This is how the kitten becomes a cat.

It is important that the house tiger knows from an early age what this transport basket is needed for and that it is not as bad as it thinks.

Choose the right place to acclimate

It is best to place the transport box close to the cat’s favorite place to get used to it. Put a blanket inside that may tempt your cat to snuggle up there. It also helps if there is a toy in the box, preferably with valerian or a treat. This should arouse curiosity.

If the cat went into the carrier on its own, do not close the door immediately. Everything needs its time. So do nothing at first, or praise your pet and throw in another treat. However, rapid movements can frighten the velvet paw, which could keep it in negative memory. So act calmly and prudently.

Even later, when your cat is already used to the box, staying in it should always end positively for it. So always give your darling a treat when you get home, or play extensively with your cat as soon as it has left the crate.

Choose the right basket

The transport basket must correspond to the size of your cat. The velvet paw must be able to move and stand upright in it. Otherwise, she feels constrained and wants to get out as soon as possible.

If you have several cats and a visit to the vet is imminent, you must under no circumstances put them all in one transport box! This causes more restlessness and additional stress for the cats and could possibly lead to injuries. You would be doing neither yourself nor your animals any favors by doing so.

When choosing a carrier, it helps to look for one that opens at the top. This makes it easier to remove the velvet paw. Those that have a side opening are usually provided with a complicated closure. These latches could slow opening and closing, causing unnecessary stress to the cat. This makes the cat restless and more anxious than it may have been before.

Give your cat the vision it wants

The cat is more relaxed when there are familiar smells in the basket. Put your favorite comforter inside or even your sweater. Their familiar smell can help faster than you think. The cat thus knows that nothing bad is happening and that it is safe. This way she can calm down faster.

Important: Test beforehand whether your cat likes the view out of the transport box or not. It is important for some animals to look outside to better understand what is happening. The somewhat more anxious house cats, on the other hand, prefer a towel to lie on and calm down more quickly.

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